“I think Jennifer is sort of a born healer. When I have gone to see her about one particular physical problem, she is able to use acupuncture in a way that seems to make lots of other things better at the same time. She’s very calm and down to earth, but she has an unusual ability to tell what is going on with a client.” ~Cathy O, Jamaica Plain, MA

“When I started acupuncture treatments with Jen Evans in 1990, I had just received a diagnoses of a life threatening disease and the prognoses was I had 8 to 10 years to live. Now, almost 20 years later, I’m still here. Jen has a “magic touch” – She seems to know exactly what’s wrong and what to do about it. I have been to other acupuncturists when I was unable to get to Jen’s office and no one can compare to her treatments. She is a great acupuncturist and more.” ~Joann M, Roxbury, MA

“Jen Evans has been my acupuncturist for close to four years and she’s my favorite health-care practitioner. Jen is a great listener and puts a lot of energy into understanding my needs before every session. For someone who’s never had acupuncture, Jen is provides a very gentle, caring introduction to the treatment. Whenever I have specific questions or requests, Jen is thoughtful and accommodating. I would recommend her to anyone without reservations.” ~DS, Somerville, MA

“I have been seeing Jen for over 5 years now and without her I would be a mess! She has helped me wade through all sort of medical “events” but most of all she is a constant in the balance of life. (and this is coming from one who never believed in that type of statement before  ” ~Judy J, Waltham, MA

“As I approached menopause, I started to get hot flashes. I went to Jen and the hot flashes essentially vanished. They may come back, but if they do I know that I can get back into balance by getting a treatment.” ~Emma P, Somerville, MA

“As I was approaching menopause, I felt low energy and unbalanced emotions. Jen actually convinced me that aging does not have to mean loss of energy! I see her once a month and it has made a tremendous difference in my overall feeling of positive energy and vitality.” ~Barbara U, Cambridge, MA

“I had very severe menstrual pain which Jen was really able to alleviate with acupuncture. When I finally had to have a hysterectomy, acupuncture treatments with Jen really helped me go through surgery smoothly and helped me recover quickly.” ~Mira T, Somerville, MA

“When I first went to see Jennifer I was under a lot of stress and I had a rash that my dermatologist had pretty much given up on. Jennifer’s skillful use of acupuncture cured the rash quickly, but I noticed much more global effects. I felt more balanced and calm. One day on my way to work, I realized that my normal road rage had disappeared! I attribute this to the overall effect of my treatments.” ~Ron Y, Reading, MA

“I had gone to see a Chinese acupuncturist who was very good, but difficult to communicate with. When he left the area, I went to see Jennifer on the advice of a friend. She is very experienced and knowledgeable, but also very easy to talk to. She was able to get me to talk about my health problems in ways that nobody else could. I think this adds to the effectiveness of the acupuncture.” ~Judith B, Somerville, MA

“After a number of orthopedic surgeries, I have chronic pain which has persisted for years. Chronic pain really affects your mood and I also found that I was getting sick more often. Jennifer has used her skills in acupuncture to both help me cope with chronic pain, and to stimulate my immune system. She was also able to lower my blood pressure!” ~Matthew R, Jamaica Plain, MA

“I had pain from iliotibial band syndrome and sciatica, and after one visit I felt much better. Jen has also helped me with my sinuses and lower back problems. She is very friendly and thoughtful, and makes you feel very comfortable. I highly recommend her, particularly if you are an acupuncture first-timer, as I was.” ~Jackie D, Jamaica Plain, MA

“My Acupuncture treatments with Jen have made my life more in balance, enjoyable and a whole lot less stressful. My energy fluctuated a lot before I started treatments, now I feel more calm when issues at work come up. I truly look forward to each session and have had noticeable changes in both my personal and professional life since going to her. It is a wonderful experience! She has a great energy that relaxes, soothes and centers.” ~Rebecca S, Boston, MA

“I have been seeing Jen for many years now, for a number of things: insomnia and stress/anxiety, seasonal allergies and other miscellanies. She listens carefully and thoughtfully and her treatments make a noticeable difference and recognizable outcomes. She is caring and very perceptive. I have been both an intermittent or episodic patient as well as a regular patient over the years, and find that she is as much – if not more – of my “go to” person than my primary care doctor. Jen’s treatments give me balance, above and beyond my “clinical” needs. I have recommended her to many and have the highest confidence in her.” ~Anne Marie B, Cambridge, MA